yakuza-trash: ReiGisa


  • How they will build a blanket fort together

Rei will be very methodical and plan to make a well structured fort utilising walls and the arm of a chair for support, and include a table for snacks. Nagisa will ruin the plan by throwing blankets and pillows all over the floor and simply duct-taping a blanket from the ceiling. In the end it won’t matter because Rei’s would have gotten ruined while snuggling anyway. :)

  • How they will eat icecream together

Rei only licks his ice cream slowly, while Nagisa takes large bites. Nagisa will run out first and inevitably take bites out of Rei’s. 

  • How they will act at a carnival together

Rei will basically follow Nagisa’s lead anywhere. Even if he had a plan of activities, he’d much rather have fun with Nagisa running all around the carnival and riding the same ride over and over.

  • How they will decorate a Christmas Tree together

Rei will decorate the tree nicely with matching ornaments while Nagisa plays video games and does nothing to help. 

  • How they will go Trick-or-Treating together

Nagisa and Rei will argue forever about what to go as. Eventually, they will find a happy medium and go as something ‘respectable’ enough for Rei but ‘playful’ enough for Nagisa. Rei will try to organize a nice plan for which houses to visit first, Nagisa will likely play along for about a half an hour before he abandons trick-or-treating all together and wants to go to a party or a haunted house.

  • How they will stargaze together

Rei will stare endlessly up at the stars, pointing out constellations and planets, Nagisa will nod and agree, but he will just be watching Rei the whole time.~

  • How they babysit kids together

Rei will probably be a bit out of his element, as he’s not used to being around children, but Nagisa will be very good at keeping the kids entertained and showing Rei how to become friends with them. Nagisa will probably end up taking a nap with them while Rei cooks them all some food.

  • How they love each other

Nagisa shows his affection with lots of gifts and physical attention. Rei is much more shy and less physically affectionate— but when they are together in private he will kiss and hug and love all over Nagisa. 

Loneliness becomes an acid that eats away at you.
― Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 (via teenager90s)